This antenna comes with a specific mast mounting installation system made of aluminum alloy implementing a low loss cables thread through a single mounting hole for easy installation. This antenna provides an anti-rotation mounting design, removing the possibility of cables getting cut through the lifetime of the product. Cables and connectors can be customized to specific requirements based on the end-use application and needs.

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Type 5-in-1
Mobile / Cellular MIMO , 4G LTE , 3G
WiFi / WLAN MIMO , 2.4Ghz , 5.0GHz , BT / BLE
Positioning GPS , QZSS , Galileo , GLO , BEI , L1
Mounting Mast Mount
Size (R x H) 96 mm, 90 mm
Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C

Antenna Applications

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Selecting the Correct LTE Antenna for Railway

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If you run a railway, you're going to operate wireless communications, which means you're going to have to learn to select the correct antenna (or more than one antenna). Antennas, which are part of every wireless system, serve two purposes. First, they convert electrical signals, which travel along a wire,...

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