Housed in a durable radome, this 3 – in – 1 high gain MIMO omni antenna is suitable for outdoor vehicle applications including marine environments. MIMO technology together with dual polarised radiating elements and active GPS/GLONASS help to improve reception of 4G (LTE), 3G and GSM signals. The standard out-of-box wall mount provides for fixed location installation.  The antenna can optionally be mast mount.

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Type 3-in-1
Mobile / Cellular MIMO , 4G LTE , 3G
Positioning GPS , GLO , BEI , QZSS , Galileo , L1
Mounting Wall Mount, Mast Mount
Size (R x H) 187 mm, 106 mm
Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C

Antenna Applications

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Selecting the Correct LTE Antenna for Railway

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If you run a railway, you're going to operate wireless communications, which means you're going to have to learn to select the correct antenna (or more than one antenna). Antennas, which are part of every wireless system, serve two purposes. First, they convert electrical signals, which travel along a wire,...

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