With one of the smallest form factor designs, this antenna is packed with a 5-in-1 configuration. Providing connectivity for LTE-MIMO, Dual WiFi-MIMO. GNSS, GPS and GLONASS, it makes it ideal for international use in applications where data integrity is a must. With a high gain and up to 60% efficiency across worldwide 4G LTE, 3G and 2G bands, the  antenna makes a superior candidate for high-end public safety applications such as police, ambulance, fire services, HD video broadcasting, resource management, transportation, critical communications and other industries. Having an extremely low ECC (Envelope Correlation Coefficient) allows for low latency and high data transfer rates. High gain, low noise and prefiltered GNSS allow for more accurate geo-location and navigation, as well as high performance dual WI-FI-MIMO antennas for better signal reception.

The system provides five output cables connected to the respective antennas. Cables one and two allow access to the Cellular/LTE antenna creating the MIMO configuration for this application. Cables three and four are allocated to 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz ISM antennas providing the same MIMO configuration. Cable five serves access to the GPS/GLONASS/GNSS antenna.

More Information
Type 5-in-1
Mobile / Cellular MIMO , 4G LTE , 3G
WiFi / WLAN MIMO , 2.4Ghz , 5.0GHz , BT / BLE
Positioning GPS , GLO , BEI , QZSS , Galileo , L1
Mounting Screw Mount
Size (R x H) 96 mm, 90 mm
Temperature -40 °C to +85 °C

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