This German engineered 5-in-1 train antenna is the perfect device for outdoor vehicle applications due to its extremely low profile design and roof mount installation.   The antenna allows for a mixture of different communication technologies in a single housing. 4×4 MiMo LTE & Wifi.

Type 5-in-1
Mobile / Cellular MIMO , 4G LTE , 5G ready , 3G , 2G
WiFi / WLAN MIMO , 2.4Ghz , 5.0GHz
Positioning GPS , GLO , BEI , QZSS , Galileo , L1 , L2 , L5
Mounting Roof Mount
Size (R x H) 200 mm, 60 mm
Temperature -60°C to +80°C
Celluar Peak Gain (dBi) ~10.5 (2490-2690 MHz, 5G)
Protection Water-resistant , Dust-tight , Anti-vibration/shock
SKU: ANT/AN-5-1-5G

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