NB800 Industrial IoT Router

The NB800 router series is specifically designed for cost-sensitive network connectivity applications. Routers are available in IP40 platforms, or for increased industrial protection, are alternatively available in IP65 housing. Features include a wireless 3G/4G LTE cellular/Ethernet gateway and a powerful VPN protocol suite. A hardware shield brings additional flexibility to the platform.
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NB1600 Industrial M2M Ethernet 3G 4G LTE Wireless Wi-Fi Router Redundant Power

NB1600 Industrial M2M Router

The NB1600 industrial communications platform is designed for stationary applications, mostly mounted on DIN-rail environments. Routers support multi-WAN-LAN-communication together with functions such as data acquisition, protocol conversion, local data processing and storage. The range extends from baseline broadband routers to superior 4g LTE wireless network enabled platforms.
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Netmodule NB2700 E1-Mark Compact Automotive Transport Ethernet 3G 4G LTE Wireless Wi-Fi GPS Router

NB2700 CompactVehicle 4G LTE WiFi Router

The NB2700 CompactVehicle router allows passengers to connect to wireless internet access over 4G LTE networks while in transit. The compact platform integrates GSM voice gateway with a local SIP Server ensuring seamless network access. WiFi router comes integrated with a WiFi access point and a 5 port Ethernet switch.
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NB2710 E1-Mark Automotive Transport Ethernet Dual 3G 4G LTE Wireless Wi-Fi GPS Router

NB2710 MultiVehicle 4G LTE WiFi Router

The E-Marked certified NB2710 router provides wireless access to the internet by use of up to two LTE modules. Equipped with a WiFi access point according to standard IEEE 802.11 and a 5 port Ethernet switch passengers can readily connect to Wifi on-board. Additionally, the usage of multiple mobile communications modules allows channel bonding and thus a higher data transmission speed.
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NB2800 E1-Mark MultiMedia Automotive Transport Router 4G LTE WiFi Gigabit

NB2800 MediaVehicle 4G LTE WiFi Gigabit Router

The NB2800 router with E-Mark and ECE-R118 certifications is the optimal device enabling passengers to connect to WiFi and entertainment. This powerful router provides wireless internet access over LTE and media server capabilities for data-intensive applications. It also comes equipped with multiple LTE and WiFi modules, Gigabit Ethernet ports and up to 1 TB storage.
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NB3700 EN50155 Compact Railway Router M12 Ethernet Multiple 4G LTE Wireless Wi-Fi GPS Router

NB3700 CompactRail 4G LTE WiFi M12 Router

The NB3700 provides on board wireless internet access over LTE. The compact device integrates a WiFi access point and further interfaces for various applications such as remote access, data acquisition and passenger information.
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NB3710 EN50155 Multi Railway M12 Ethernet Quad 3G 4G LTE Dual Wireless Wi-Fi GPS Router

NB3710 MultiRail 4G LTE WiFi M12 Router

The NB3710 router with EN50155 certification and enhanced performance provides wireless internet access over LTE and WiFi 802.11ac for data-intensive applications. Numerous additional communication interfaces guarantee an excellent interaction with on board electronics.
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NB3800 EN50155 MultiMedia Railway 4G LTE WiFi Gigabit Router

NB3800 MediaRail+ 4G LTE WiFi Gigabit Router

NB3800 MediaRail+ routers, with multiple LTE Advanced (Cat. 6) and WiFi IEEE 802.11ac modules, connect trains with any high speed network infrastructure. WiFi coverage is enhanced by providing up to two WiFi access points. Increased total throughput generates a great user experience for passenger entertainment.
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