Key Features

  • Compact

  • Low-power

  • Fanless

  • Bluetooth and BLE

  • LTE connectivity

  • Expandable with shields

  • Support IoT apps

  • Virtual Containers (LXC)

  • Highly Resilient Design

  • WLAN Client/Server


IoT Ready

Well suited to industrial IoT applications ranging from distribution automation for utilities to manufacturing as well as remote asset management.


Diverse shields (Digital and analog I/O, RS-485, RS-232, 2xCAN, GNSS, Lora Gateway ) for extended functionality.

Harsh Conditions

Compact, hardened form factor, cellular (3G, WLAN, or 4G options) router that allows businesses to deploy secure 3G 4G-LTE WWAN loT applications.


The integrated modem supports MIMO LTE networks and ensures WWAN connectivity with up to 100 Mbps.

Embedded Software

Operating-system-level virtualization for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on the router.


USB port enables fast configuration and firmware updates