For decades, batteries have been the preferred storage device for portable electronics, mainly because of their ability to store energy (high energy density). But batteries take a long time to discharge and recharge, which limits their ability to deliver power.

  • The NCP12 replaces 12V batteries for short term backup applications.
  • Discharge with constant current load of 16VDC at 2A will provide proved power for up to 480 seconds.
  • Reverse polarity and over-current protections.
  • Extended operating temperature up to 85°C for high reliability in tough environments.
  • Provide peak power and backup power
  • Improve load balancing when used in parallel with a battery
  • Provide energy storage and source balancing when used with energy harvesters
  • Cut pulse current noise
  • Lessen RF noise by eliminating DC/DC
  • Meet environmental standards

The high power density derives from the fact that the energy is stored as a static charge. Unlike a battery, there is no chemical reaction required to charge or discharge a supercapacitor, so it can be charged and discharged very quickly (milliseconds to seconds). Similarly, and again unlike a battery, because there are no chemical reactions going on, the charge-discharge cycle life of a supercapacitor is almost unlimited.

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