Coiote IoT Device Management is a platform that enables complete device management in the IoT ecosystem thanks to its advanced LwM2M server capabilities (OMA SpecWorks Lightweight M2M).

Manage the entire lifecycle of any IoT device

No matter if you’re using constrained devices in LPWA networks or regular IoT/M2M gateways, you need a comprehensive solution to manage the entire device lifecycle in one place.

Use LwM2M – an open standard for IoT device management

Coiote IoT Device Management as an LwM2M server takes advantage of LwM2M’s simplicity and ability to manage even the most constrained devices. The outcome – a plug-and-play solution with guaranteed interoperability between devices and platforms as well as seamless service activation.

Get a scalable and open platform

Thanks to its architecture and key features, Coiote IoT Device Management is fitted to manage any number of devices. The platform can also be easily customized and integrated with other systems thanks to an easy-to-use REST API.

Pay as you go and grow

Simple business model to ensure that you don’t have to make any upfront investments and only pay for the number of devices you connect to the system.

Connect & Configure

Seamlessly and securely connect any Lightweight M2M devices (including LwM2M 1.1) to our LwM2M server, authenticate and configure them out-of-the-box.

Manage & Group

Activate services and perform FOTA/SOTA upgrades. Create dynamic device groups based on chosen parameters and manage devices in bulk.

Monitor & trigger actions

Monitor telemetry data and create custom monitoring flows thanks to an event-based workflow engine. Get real-time analytics, raise alerts and send out notifications.

Integrate & Innovate

Use the RESTful API to integrate the LwM2M server with Coiote IoT Data Orchestration or other systems you have in place. Focus on creating new services with innovative technologies ­– NB-IoT, LTE Cat 1, LoRa and more!

Plug & play

Connect your devices in minutes and manage them out-of-the-box!

Ensure top-notch security

LwM2M ensures that highest measures of security are ensured on the side of the endpoints which is key to providing a secure IoT ecosystem.

Add business logic to your IoT solution

Apart from standard device management features, you benefit from the ability to create custom workflows tailored to your IoT business.

Automate to save time

Once set up, device management processes can all be scheduled and automated so you can focus on other areas of your business.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Thanks to using an open standard, you don’t have to rely on one vendor of hardware or software.

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