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Communications equipment in the industrial environment normally lives a relatively quiet life in a controlled enclosure cabinet. However in the mining industry communications equipment have a very different life, having to deal with humidity, heat and cold, grime, dust, water, explosives and the occasional brush with the shoulders of a huge dump truck.  Mining operations rely heavily on top grade products that are engineered to perform through the extreme mining conditions and hazardous situations.

IP65 Rated Enclosure


The standard housing of the NB2000 series of routers was not designed to meet the environmental requirements in the mining industry.


The solution was to manufacture an IP67 rated custom aluminium housing with all the cabling, that exits the router and terminates elsewhere (i.e. Power, Ethernet, Antenna, etc.), upgraded to provide the customer with their requirement of a minimum ingress protection rating of IP65.

These products are exceptionally durable, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand mechanical abuse as well as exposure to chemicals, water, extreme temperature changes and high-vibrations.


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