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When Telstra launched the national public safety mobile broadband capability on their 4G network, critical business communications also benefited. Businesses could now acquire priority data access on the LTE network, or even dedicated and partitioned spectrum lines for their exclusive use. The Telstra LANES initiative allows critical communications devices such as semi-autonomous mining equipment priority access to dedicated spectrum channel and guaranteed priority over other network users when they need to scale up.

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In wireless communication new technologies regularly emerge with faster data rates, more extensive coverage area and new prioritisation techniques in the core network.

In most cases, you have to wait for wireless network features on the edge-device to catch up to those provided by the core network.


Edge-computing gateways which feature modular architecture that enables cost-effective upgrades and additions of wireless modules.  The modular devices provide an easy upgrade path as new network technologies rapidly emerge like those provided by Telstra LANES and 5G.

Flexibility to adapt is key to changing requirements that allows you to individually configure the system to meet specific technology requirement.


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Telstra LANES® Emergency is a world-leading mobile broadband data service designed specifically for the mission-critical communications of Emergency Services. With a Telstra LANES® Emergency service, when Emergency Services connect to our commercial LTE network, they receive:

  • Prioritised access on our LTE network, even during the busier periods
  • Preferential data treatment through Quality of Service, helping prioritise data
  • Bandwidth allocation that can be dynamically shaped to meet spikes in demand
  • A managed service with a portal and 24×7 help desk support

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