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Diagnostics: How to download the tech-support file


Platform: NetModule
Document Version: 1.1.0Read More »

Software Version

NMRS : or higher
Modem : none


You can easily download tech-support files from you NetModule products. This file is required when you open a technical support case with AVVERO for any issue. The tech support file contains the system generated logs, configuration, firmware, running process, core files and hardware related information.

These files can be directly downloaded to your computer from the web management interface. These downloaded files must be uploaded to AVVERO for troubleshooting the issue. These files size will vary according to the environment size.

Comfirm upgrade

Web Interface

Log into your Netmodule device via the web management interface.

Navigate to SYSTEM tab at the top menu.

Select the appropriate option and download the file.

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