SCADA Systems are Now Easier to Configure and Deploy

Besides installing servers, cabinets and control room equipment, a properly designed communication network is essential for any SCADA system. The purpose of a communications network within a SCADA system is to connect the remote terminal units (RTUs) with the SCADA Master.

Between 3G and 4G LTE networks, the geographical coverage area for SCADA networks has exploded.

As the need for reliable, real-time data communication in mission-critical SCADA systems continues to increase, utilities like electric power are seeking new and innovative ways to improve communications infrastructure. However, the more RTUs there are, the more communication equipment needs to be deployed. The answer? Zero-touch deployment.

There is an automatic provisioning solution known as EasyDeploy which reduce the complexities of tracking, configuring and managing multiple devices across numerous locations, with varying user needs and permissions.

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