Connecting all things Industrial

We at AVVERO Solutions thrive on technology

We at AVVERO Solutions thrive on technology. We continually search the globe for industrial-grade connectivity innovations. We continually search the globe for industrial-grade connectivity innovations. Our purpose is to connect the machines that work to improve our lives: connecting all things industrial.

Technology Driven

We are engineers who understand the technology, defining ourselves by delivering up-to-the-minute solutions

Customer Focused

At AVVERO we speak the language of people as well as machines. We pride ourselves on our approachable “can do” attitude.

Global partnership

Each of our partner manufacturers are chosen for their robust, innovative and agile communication technology

Our Story

Andrew Campbell


What have 20 years of working with high-end network designs taught me? “ If you wouldn’t use a device in your own office, how can you sell it?”

So when I discovered a group of wireless products I enjoyed working with as an engineer, I was inspired to build exposure in Asia Pacific’s communications.

In search of an honest appraisal and potentially a business partner, I sought a former colleague and savvy entrepreneur: Alan Rose. Motivated by his passion for technology, Alan has cultivated a keen insight into connectivity trends and market analysis. Alan and I instinctively operate by the same principle: We don’t sell anything we wouldn’t buy.

In September 2012, together with a small but dynamic team, we launched AVVERO Solutions – a boutique firm of premium M2M and IoT connectivity hardware distributors and solutions architects.

Fast forward nearly a decade and our premium range of industrial-grade communications products and services have won us projects with national network providers, mining and railway operators and advertisers.