Low Profile Antenna

Low Profile Adhesive Mount Antenna

Super-low profile of only 17 mm this powerful 5-in-1 MIMO antenna discreetly maximises your network coverage. Equipped with 4×4 MIMO-LTE and MIMO-WiFi technology this omnidirectional antenna maintains low ECC (Envelope Correlation Coefficient) and delivers consistent high efficiency (~44.5).


The active GNSS ceramic antenna is equipped with high rejection SAW filter technology, protecting against LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) burn-out. The cellular antennas are compatible with LTE, 4G, 3G and legacy 2G. IP 67 and IP 69 rated water and dust resistance in addition to IK 09 rated anti-vibration and UV protection guarantees performance in the harshest industrial environments and a long life-span. Low loss double shielded cable (LL195) with fully customizable length and connectors ensures performance and reliability, avoiding drop connections, higher speed data, higher gain, etc. Antenna is ground plane independent and can be easily mounted and concealed with a separate double adhesive pad that secures it safely.

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