Compact Railway

Compact Railway Antenna

The railway antenna is designed to deliver faster and more responsive mobile broadband experiences. It has an LTE capability with GNSS, so you can use it during any interruption in service from one provider or another!


The design facilitates communications in MIMO or separate protocols configuration, allowing devices to remain online while moving through different coverage areas – making it a superior candidate for next-generation mobile services. It delivers powerful worldwide connectivity with 5GNR/4G LTE MIMO support as well as compatibility across all networks including 2g bands.   The high gain and up to 60% efficiency across worldwide 4G LTE, 3G & 2 GHz bands make this antenna perfect for transportation applications such as railways that require highly accurate geo-location. Additionally, it has low latency making the device ideal in industries where data integrity is key. The durable and high-performance antenna is a permanent solution that will integrate easily into your installation.

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