Dome Antenna

Heavy Duty Dome Antenna Screw Mount

The antenna offers multiple technologies in one small form factor - an ideal choice for international use where data integrity is necessary. This heavy-duty design provides connectivity to 5G NR, 4G LTE Wi-Fi and GNSS (Tracking) with GPS + GLONASS capabilities making it perfect across many industries.


With a high gain and up to 60% efficiency across worldwide multiple bands, the antenna makes a superior candidate for high-end public safety applications such as police, ambulance, fire services, HD video broadcasting, resource management, transportation, critical communications, and other industries.
An extremely low ECC (Envelope Correlation Coefficient) allows for low latency and high data transfer rates. High gain, low noise and postfiltered GNSS allow for more accurate geo-location and navigation and high-performance Wi-Fi antennas for better signal reception.
This screw-mount antenna comes with low-loss cables threaded through a single mounting hole for easy installation. This antenna provides an anti-rotation mounting design, removing the possibility of cables getting cut through the product’s lifetime.
Cables and connectors can be customized to specific requirements based on the end-use application and needs.

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