N-Type Female 5G / 4G-LTE / WiFi Surge Protector


Coaxial Surge Protector

Lightning strikes, power surges, and static buildup can all wreak havoc on sensitive electronics. But with our Coaxial Surge Protector, you can rest easy knowing your gear is safe from harm.

This RF surge protector is specifically designed to protect against electromagnetic pulse (EMP), high-altitude EMP (HEMP), and other types of power surges that are often caused by lightning or other electrical solid changes. The gas-filled surge arresters are perfect for LTE or Wi-Fi installations where part or all of the antennas are located outdoors. Plus, the N-Female to N-Female Bulkhead Adapter makes installation a breeze.

Don’t risk damaging your expensive equipment. Invest in our Coaxial Surge Protector today and sleep soundly, knowing your gear is protected against the elements.

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