Mine X18 Mini


Compact Mining Router

The Mine X18 Mini is a compact mining LTE gateway router designed to communicate to mining trucks in harsh environments. With its ruggedised housing and IP67 rating, the Mine X18 Mini can withstand the harshest conditions, making it ideal for mining applications.

Looking for a way to improve communication with your mining trucks in harsh environments? Look no further than the Mine X18 Mini LTE gateway router! This compact router is specifically designed to provide reliable LTE coverage in tough conditions, making it the perfect solution for keeping your mining operation running smoothly.

The Mine X18 Mini supports LTE- Advanced with download speeds of up to 300 Mbps, making it ideal for streaming HD video and audio or accessing mission-critical data. With its dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, the Mine X18 Mini can also be used as a wired gateway router, providing a reliable and secure connection for your mining operation. It is specially designed for use in mines and other harsh environments where traditional communication methods are unreliable or unavailable. The Mine X18 Mini is rugged, weatherproof, and can withstand the rigours of the most demanding applications.

The Mine X18 Mini comes equipped with dual SIM card slots and an external antenna for maximum signal strength, ensuring that you always have a strong connection. It also features robust security protocols to protect your data, making it the safe and secure choice for your mining needs.

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