ITxPT Transport Router

NB2810 Rugged Transport Router with LTE and WiFi

The integrated ignition sense allows the router to remain powered on after the vehicle has stopped Port-based subnetting for isolating application networks Quality of Service (QoS) support to enable traffic prioritization Device management via web browser, command line or SNMP ITxPT compliant, which enables interoperability between IT and public transportation systems


The new rugged NB2810 transport router is the latest innovation in the NB2000 transport series family. Providing Internet access compliant with ITxPT standards the NB2810 is a robust and secure gateway solution for vehicular/mobile environments. Voice communication, onboard WiFi, digital advertising and CCTV and are seamlessly supported by this rugged vehicle gateway. Not only does the NB2810 include wireless backhaul over multiple LTE modules, but those modules can be bundled together to increase the total bandwidth to meet the needs of extreme applications. Likewise, the onboard 802.11ac WiFi exploits 2X2 MIMO beam-forming technology to increase the client data throughput. Together, these two features provide twice the end-to-end data rates available from any other competing units with standard WiFi and LTC capabilities. The quad (4) SIM capability and WAN link manager with load balancing combine to achieve maximum throughput with network redundancy by being able to accommodate multiple network service providers. And with its powerful internal CPU, the NB2810 achieves routing data rates up to 1 Gbps.

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