Four Port Ethernet Switch

4-Port Ethernet switch with VLAN support for traffic isolation.

Dual Micro SIM Card

Geo-fence SIMs for a specific region, or failover based on a specified network threshold.

Embedded Module or SIM

Soldered down components increase reliability and reduce malfunction due to environmental factors.

Extension Connection

The extension terminal connector can be customised to connect to popular industrial interfaces.

Bluetooth and BLE Support

IoT smart sensors can access the Internet directly over the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) interface.

GPIO, RS232 and Power

Control the digital I/O and RS-232 interfaces from the cloud using mobile connectivity.

Powered by ARM

Powerful ARM processor with support for ultra-low-power consumption.

Withstand Hostile Environments

Designed to withstand shock, vibration, dust, humidity, ESD and salty fog.

Highly Secure Platform

Build highly secure, reliable, and scalable field network infrastructure.

Full Specifications

Base System



Mobile / Cellular