Manage all your digital signage from a single connection

A single view makes it simpler to answer questions like, how many active digital screens do you have around the country? How many digital players and servers would be affected by a firmware upgrade? Which digital assets are unable to connect back to the data centre for content updates?

Network Connectivity

Private digital WANs are complicated and complex, so they are rather expensive to set up.

Selecting a single network operator to provide your WAN can limit you to their wireless coverage, and the physical locations where you can deploy your digital assets.

VPN over the public network allows you to widen your network footprint. Your network will have access to a range of network operators, so you are not restricted to a specific network provider. Select the best wireless network based on coverage for the location of your digital asset.

Zero‑touch Deployment

Secure and efficient deployment and the provision of routers in the digital network can be a difficult task.

Digital assets might be in locations where it is a challenge to have a field engineer configure the router onsite, and most engineers choose not to send pre-configured routers.

For administrators, zero-touch configuration removes the need for field engineers to configure the communication equipment manually and ensures that devices always have the correct security policies in place.

Content Synchronisation

Over time, small spikes in CPU usage from complex animated content or background services will cause a time clock on the digital media player to drift over time.

If the time synchronisation value is incorrect, then the video might be displayed early or with a delay compared to neighbouring digital players.

The Netmodule router software provides a high-performance, locally connected NTP server for establishing uniform time among all of the digital media players in your network

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