Freedom to choose or develop your router operating system

The tender process takes a long time, from a few months to a few years. By the time you’re ready to deploy, the software you wanted may no longer be supported. Worse, it might not be supported by the hardware you bought!

An open hardware solution lets you choose your router operation system, so you’re never locked into one software vendor. And if you want to change software platforms, you can do so without replacing

Open Hardware Platform

Open hardware platform gives you the freedom to load our router operation system or develop your own. This means that you are not locked in to one software vendor, and can change software platforms without having to replace your hardware. Open hardware is a great way to keep your business expenses down while still getting the features and functionality that you need. Open hardware solutions are the future of networking.

Saving Cost and Time

The most expensive part of developing your own hardware platform is the research, development and certification. By using an open hardware platform, you can avoid this cost and still get a powerful, feature-rich device. The certification process alone can be time-consuming and expensive, so an open hardware platform can save you both time and money.

Open hardware also gives you the freedom to choose your own software. This means that you are not locked into one software vendor, and can change software platforms without having

Open hardware solutions give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility.

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